Thursday, June 14, 2012

2ble Scramble - Muthu 6

You may be familiar with Word Scramble puzzle. Here is just an online version.

First you have to order the 4 scrambled words.  You can just click and swap the letters right here online.   Click any 2 letters in a row and see them swapped!  Once you find and order all these words, click "Refresh Final Answer Boxes".  Now you get some letters for one more scrambled word. You have to arrange (unscramble) these to get a proper answer for the given clue. Finally press "Completed" button. Now all your answers will appear in the adjacent box. You can copy/paste in comments or mail your answers to

Have fun!!!


Clue: Twice the husband for half the income

(Puzzle creator software:

Answer to 2ble scramble - Muthu 5:  endorse (rose awkwardly after finish to show approval)


  1. Husainamma,

    All your answers are correct!

  2. 2ble Scramble - Muthu 6:
    The first 4 words are just random words. The clue is a funny statement about an aspect of life.

    This may help if you are stuck in your attempt to solve this puzzle.


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